Can You Make Lasagna Without Tin Foil Can You Make Lasagna Without Cooking The Noodles?

Can you make lasagna without cooking the noodles? - can you make lasagna without tin foil

So I found this recipe very easy and the ingredients it says "no boil noodles and the recipe said nothing about cooking, you think I still can not cook, or should I cook anyway ...?


Dottie said...

I never cook my noodles and the day before and the time to cook freshly prepared Perfect.Or left sitting for a few minutes, you need only the tip of noodles with sauce. Never boil the noodles first.

Betty said...

I have a lot of time with raw noodles. It depends on how long to cook lasagna. Every recipe that was needed lasagna in the oven for an hour or more, this method works well.

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